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You asked for longer battery life, you probably got it…

So last Friday, HTC Philippines had a modest little press conference over at their offices at The Fort. In it they unveiled the HTC Desire 600 and the HTC Butterfly S [photo above, in two colors].

We’ll have lots to talk about soon enough when it comes to the Desire 600 because we have a review unit [Hint: it's a pretty good lower-price point HTC phone]. But what really caught my attention was the Butterfly S.

The Butterfly S specs are impressive enough on their own: 5-inch Gorilla Glass 3 screen, quad-core 1.9GHz processor, “4 Ultrapixel” camera that captures 300% more light than most similar cameras today, HTC Zoe shot selection, and front-firing speakers akin to the HTC One.

But what got to me was the claimed battery life. The Butterfly S is being touted as a super-stamina smartphone, with a 3200 mAh battery that’s supposed to last it two days of heavy use, or up to 659 hours on standby.

The thing is, we still can’t verify this as we have yet to get our hands on a review unit. But if the hype is real, then I’m all for it. Then again, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 already has a 3100mAh battery on board so the question then become one of how much more efficient the Butterfly S gets to use its juice (Note 2 can already go a bit over a day). Then again, the Butterfly S has a slightly smaller screen (Note 2 has a 5.5″ display), so that’s already one point going for it.

The bottom line is that I’m happy that manufacturers are finally putting a spotlight on the power issue. For these past couple of years, phone makers have been pushing more and more features and trinkets that people barely ask for (right Samsung?) but say little about what they really look for, namely battery life. So now we see people everywhere with high powered smartphones… but they’re all tethered to power plugs like hapless chained slaves.

(And sure there’s the odd man out, Motorola, which outed long-lasting smartphones in the recent past. But that was the sickly old Moto… and we still don’t know if they’ll make hay with power under the new management.)

So kudos for promoting the power issue, HTC. And here’s hoping that your Butterfly S does become a stamina pacemaker.

Now about our review unit, hint hint…




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