AR: Blending Real And Virtual Worlds


In the pursuit of digital transformation, we see how augmented reality was invented. Augmented Reality is a technology that you can use to improve the significance of the real world by adding artificial vision to it. With the help of human senses, this process is furthermore enhanced as well. With its growth and development over time, AR has revolutionized visual arts, education, entertainment, tourism, marketing, military, and engineering sectors. 

For instance, there are AR-enabled apps that allow you to measure the dimensions of your furniture quite accurately. This way you won’t have to carry a measuring tape with you all the time, moreover, you easily create your own virtual fitting room with the help of AR tech. 

AR has also revolutionized the fashion industry as it allows any buyer to try on a dress without visiting the store at all. One can try on as many outfits as they like without any hassle. Similarly, the fashion industry has adopted this tech in order to allow its consumers to try on any makeup before they can purchase it. This is a really good way to increase the credibility of any business and thereby enhancing the growth of any business.

It is quite fascinating to use AR in real life, but there are several limitations and drawbacks to it as well.  Without any supervision, AR can be a threat to human life. One of the latest examples for this is VR games the promote its players to move around as they play the game. There are numerous cases of casualties as players lose the sense of their surroundings and hurt themselves as they play games. 

Moreover, there are some other issues with this tech as well, there is a risk of identity theft as it is quite easy for any hacker to get facial details of anyone using this tech. There is a potential threat of losing other confidential details such as: 

  • Social Networking IDs

  • Age 

  • Facial identity

  • Personal background

  • Sexual preferences

  • Criminal records

  • Marital status

Furthermore, people can cause discomfort as they use this technology excessively. Using it for long periods of time can also affect your mental state along with your eyes. Which is why one should make sensible use of this technology. 

As of now, there are minimal potential risks that are involved with the usage of this technology. With the advancement of AR technology, people are using this tech for entertainment and social interactions. There are advanced headsets such as Oculus virtual reality that allow you to watch 3D movies, play interactive games, and interact with virtual characters as well. It is just like going on a world tour without leaving the comfort of your couch. 

This technology is quite handy for engineers as well, they can program the software in such a way that it would help them with their inspection work without going to the actual site on a regular basis. There are products like Google X that are there in the market that are quite advanced and efficient for such complex works. There are many companies like GE, Boeing, and Volkswagen that uses this technology in order to improve and develop their products, productivity, and efficiency. 

AR has completely revolutionized the medical sector as well, with the help of virtual holograms and images student can learn more about the human body, surgeries, and other vital aspects without risking any life or practicing all this on a deceased person. Students get to study human anatomy with the help of 3D holograms as well. Moreover, with the help of AR, it is now possible to study complex parts of the human brain easily. There are simulations that medical students can experience as they practice surgery and operation that too without risking anyone’s life. It is just a matter of time as we explore more dimensions to the use of this technology. 

One of the most appealing features of this technology is its use in visual arts. As this technology is implemented in museums, it would be possible for owners to host shows and auctions without too much of a hassle. Everyone would be able to enjoy the artworks without any discomfort. 

Besides these benefits, there are some drawbacks to this technology as well. With the rise in its popularity teens are getting more and more addicted to the AR games. This is a grave threat to their mental and physical health as they tend to spend countless hours playing online games. 

This also affects their social life as they cut off themselves from the real world as well. This is also applicable to adults as they try to escape from their problems with the help of this virtual world. This addiction makes them submissive and can promote the tendency to avoid any human interaction. This is a big threat to the community which is why one should be careful about how they use this technology. 

As for the military application of this tech, it is quite a tricky decision. During a battle, there is no time for the soldiers to think about their plan and if there is any defect in their VR sets it can cost them their life. If anyone gets access to the network on which the military is operating it can be quite chaotic. There are several performances and battery issues with this technology as well, which is why there can be downtimes and a decrease in productivity and efficiency in that sector. 

AR is a technology with countless dimensions. But people should use it mindfully as well. 

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